Soap Dish

Material and Cut Pattern:

#3 round reed - cut 32 pieces 10" long
#2 round reed - for weavers, may be dyed your color choice
1 - soap dish wood base

Soap Dish by Sandy Atkinson
The base may be painted, then varnished if desired, but it does not have to have a finish on it to be used as a soap dish.

Soak the cut pieces in warm water for a minute or two. Insert one spoke into each hole around the base, having the natural arch of the reed curving up.

Using a long length of #2 round reed, crimped off center, twine around the base, fairly tight to hold the spokes in place. Twine for four rows, DO NOT cut off weavers.

Cut a slant on the end of each remaining spokes, then insert the slanted end next to an existing spoke. Push all the way down until the end touches the wood base.

Add an extra weaver, so you will be triple twining. Continue to twine up the sides of the base, following the natural curve, for another five rows. Treat each newly added spoke individually, so you will be weaving on a total of 32 spokes. End weavers inside basket. Rewet the top spokes in preparation of the top braid.

Easy three step top braid:

Take any spoke behind two spokes to the right, and back to the outside. Work all around the basket. Take any spoke under two spokes to the right and insert to the inside of the basket. Repeat steps 1 and 2 again for the inside braid. ENJOY!

To order the soap dish wood base ($2.99 each) or to order the Soap Dish Basket Kit, which contains everything you need to make this basket, including the glycerin soap ($9.99each kit) contact Atkinson's Country House. Use our toll free number 1-800-832-3071. Be sure to ask about the soap, which comes in many styles and scents.

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