Series 200 - Weaving Country Favorites

Cowbell Basket requires a cowbell to be woven into the base of this basket with three bottoms. Feather Basket is an old traditional basket with a captured lid. It requires a 24" from notch to notch handle. Shaker Cheese Basket was actually invented and used by the Shakers to drain the whey from cheese. The hexagon shape is more difficult for intermediate to advance weavers. Twill Tote Basket is great for toting along items. The twill pattern is used on the base as well as the sides. Laundry Basket is great for home use and has build in handles. Joseph Sewing Basket with Potpourri Lid is unique for the added potpourri under the lid. The woven border and matching border on the lid make this a very lovely basket.
Price: $5.95

The following DVDs from Series 200 are available from Atkinson's Country House call 810.280.6987

201 - Footed Basket (B)
202 - Feather Basket (I)
203 - Shaker Cheese Basket
204 - Flower Pot Basket (B to I)
205 - Bedside Basket (A)
206 - Oriole Basket (I to A)
207 - Laundry Basket (I)
208 - Pottery Base Basket (I)
209 - Cowbell Basket (I to A)
210 & 211 - Joseph Sewing Basket w / Potpourri Lid (A)
212 - Twill Tote Basket (I)
213 - Wine Tote Basket (I)

(B) Beginner, (I) Intermediate, (A) Advanced